Partners & Testimonials

Our workshops have been a transformative experience for dozens of higher education institutions across the country—from Ivy Leagues to community colleges. Hear what students, faculty, and staff have to say! 👉👇

“Sonic Connections’ unique approach incorporates music to assist in self-reflection while creating space to acknowledge emotions and develop skills to manage them. It offers an opportunity for participants to acknowledge that negative emotions are normal and helps develop strategies for accepting and moving through personal struggles. Participants benefit from the normalization of mental distress as they recognize that others in the room have similar thoughts and feelings. I would definitely recommend Sonic Connections as a positive experience for participants as it allows active engagement from start to finish, participants are able to feel an impact immediately, and leave feeling lighter.”

Senior Director of Health & Wellness
University of Michigan-Flint

“Sonic Connections came to Merrimack College, and I cannot wait to re-experience them again. Their unique approach to mental well-being is able to provide unprecedented benefits and experiences to college students through the medium of music. College students today shy away from conventional means of learning how to approach mental health and wellness, and that’s where Sonic Connections comes in. Their ability to use a well-known medium in order to encourage and strengthen mental wellness is something that today’s college students needed, and I was so grateful to be able to experience. The whole planning process was seamless and well-structured, so I was never lost or confused on next steps. Andrew and his team are the kindest humans, and the exact people needed to be able to approach students on such a heavy topic such as mental health. Overall, Sonic Connections was a hugely impactful and meaningful experience to the students of Merrimack College, and we are beyond excited to being them back to our campus!”

SGA Parliamentarian
Merrimack College

“This program is life-changing. You actually walk out of the room with tools you can immediately apply in your life.”

Senior Director of the Women’s Center
Siena College

“Sonic Connections offers a creative and innovative way to support one’s wellness in an all-inclusive and comfortable environment. I cannot rave about the entire experience enough!”

Counseling Services Chair
SUNY Broome

“I’m just overwhelmed by your organization’s approach to combine mental health and art. This is such a safe and effective way to explore our internal knots. Mental health and the arts (music improvisation) are very personal for my family and so I’m always invested in these topics. Thank you kindly.”

Faculty Member
Penn State

“Many students enjoy listening to music and participating in wellness-based activities that do not scream “Mental Health!” This is that type of event. Sonic Connections offered the flexibility for students to actively participate or sit back and listen while also giving them a space to relax and decompress from a long day. The program has significantly influenced the participants—students have reported increased frequency in journaling and a heightened consciousness of their values in their daily activities.

Collaborating with Sonic Connections has been a delightful experience. The abundance of resources provided for marketing and step by step approach to ensure everything is covered for the event. Their wellness program, with its unique focus on the transformative power of music, has been instrumental in enhancing our students’ self-awareness of their thoughts, feelings, and values. Their programming was invaluable, and we look forward to working with them again this upcoming year.”

Director of Accessibility and Opportunity Programs
SUNY Delhi

“Sonic Connections was a joy to work with! It held the space for students to deeply reflect and lean into vulnerability when sharing with each other. Our event was different than any other workshop we’ve had at Providence College; the addition of music allowed us to move beyond focusing on thoughts alone to feelings. Through interactive activities, the workshop helped us create strategies to overcome challenges we may encounter on the route to living an intentional life. The Sonic Connections team was warm, thoughtful, and organized during the planning process, and facilitated our partnership with other clubs and organizations on campus. They met with the Active Minds executive board before the event to cultivate a workshop that truly matched our campus’s unique culture and would cater to the struggles that our students experience. The planning process and the event execution felt like entirely collaborative process. We look forward to future events with Sonic Connections!”

Active Minds President
Providence College